svetoprestavleniye sergey kalmykov

'The Streak of Immortality' is an endless project of creation installations, exhibition projects, photography, video- and audio-art pieces, books, neural networks as result of working with textual, visual, conceptual and existential assets in the form of 10,000 pages of manuscripts and 1,500 paintings of Sergey Kalmykov, who called himself a Genius, a Beef-head, a Moron, a Sci-fi Projecter and the Grossmeister of Linear Arts.

>the pictures of the total installation as it was shown in Almaty and Moscow




>a month of sergey kalmykov

> Sergey Kalmykov Month is a project created by ORTA and online magazine, dedicated to the Russian avant-garde artist, a student of Petrov-Vodkin, who moved to Almaty in the 1930s and died in poverty and loneliness in a mental hospital in 1967. As a part of the project for several weeks the Internet magazine published excerpts from the painter's art diaries for the first time, a public discussion about the relationship of insanity and art was held.

>Sergey Kalmykov. «Euphoric, calls himself master of space and a good buddy of Brezhnev’s»


>A guide to Sergey Kalmykov

>Kalmykov, summer of 1937: «Towards morning I dreamt of invasion of the hostile army. Probably, it is in the spirit of the time»

>How to practice genius?


>Vласть Talks: Madness and art

A public discussion within the frame of the Month of Sergey Kalmykov.

>During the discussion, participants presented their points of view on why there is no clear connection between mental diseases and artistic genius, how notable is the brink between the art of mentally affected and ‘ordinary’ people and how the transition between these two conditions was manifested in Kalmykov’s works. Therewith, participants talked about how the conception of madness characterized the way of Modernism in the history of Western Europe, what outlines the conception obtained in the history of USSR and why it was widely used for political purposes.




 Michail Akulov, historian

 Bayan Barmankulova, art expert

 Valeria Ibrayeva, art expert

 Bakhytzhan Ashirbekov, psychiatrist

 Valentina Buchinskaya, art expert

 Moderator: Rustem Begenov