svetoprestavleniye sergey kalmykov

>«Svetoprestavleniye Sergey Kalmykov» is a performed installation and a total installation by ORTA. It exists on the border between science and art, between ritual, installation and exhibition of alternative scientific-technological inventions, mostly made of trash and garbage: a six-legged 300-kilogram walking refrigerator, a cardboard light display of 900 cells and 200 square meters,  an inverted Camera Obscura, a quartet of self-playing Kazakh instruments ‘dombra’, a pair of real robotic prosthetic arms which require real arms to control. 


>«Svetoprestavleniye» was inspired by the tragic yet uniquely charismatic life of the crazy avant-garde painter Sergey Kalmykov (1891-1967) – a Russian painter, student of famous Petrov-Vodkin, who is believed to inspire his teacher to create his famous ‘Bathing of a Red Horse’ painting and pose for the painting. In 1937, Kalmykov took off to a ‘far Almaty’ where he, until his death, worked in the local opera house, was the first and the last ever city ‘freak’, who would wear self-made flamboyant clothes ‘to be seen from the space’ and would talk to strangers on the city corners about his world-scale projects. His paintings are now exhibited at Kazakh state art museum, he is referred to as ‘our Van Gogh’, he was described in the novel ‘The Faculty of Useless Knowledge’ by a famous writer Yuri Dombrovski. But he spent his life as an unrecognized looser who had not a single personal exhibition and who died of starvation in a mental ward. He doesn’t even have a grave – he was useless, like a junk thrown in the garbage.


>«Svetoprestavleniye» is the central part of the project «The Streak of Immortality» - an endless creation of installations, exhibition projects, photography, video- and audio-art pieces, books, neural networks as result of working with textual, visual, conceptual and existential assets in the form of 10,000 pages of manuscripts and 1,500 paintings of the Genius, Beef-head, Moron, Sci-fi Projecter and the Grossmeister of Linear Arts Sergey Kalmykov.

>Svetoprestaleniye was premiered on the 26 of May, 2018, in Almaty. Svetoprestaleniye was the headliner of the "New drama" international festival (Meyerhold Center, Moscow) and a nominee for Grand-Prix of the international Kuryokhin contemporary art Award in 2018.

>the excerpts from the performed installation «Svetoprestavleniye Sergey Kalmykov»

>the pictures of the performed installation «Svetoprestavleniye Sergey Kalmykov»