>ORTA is a group of artists and researchers from Kazakhstan dedicated to explore Higher Dimensions of human interactions via Universal Projects that span performing arts, visual and new media arts, video and filmmaking, science, technology, social studies and philosophy.

>ORTA creates special ceremonial events, called Performative Portals, which reveal the Higher Dimensions and nurture Inner Genius of everyone involved in the creation of the Portal.


>ORTA was founded by director Rustem Begenov and actress Alexandra Morozova in 2015.


Rustem Begenov – director, producer

Alexandra Morozova – actress, creative producer

Alexandr Bakanov – artist, director

Sabina Kuangaliyeva – media-artist, photographer, social studies researcher

Ekaterina Bondarenko – writer, dance-dramaturgist

Darya Jumelya – cinematographer, photographer, designer

Bayan Shaikh – contemporary art curator

Dmitri Mazorenko – journalist, philosophy researcher