>Pop-mechanical performance for 16 models, 6 musicians, 4 screens, 3 cameras and 2 voices. 


>Premiered on the 20 of January, 2016. Participated in international theatre festival NET-2016 (Moscow, Russia), nominated for Grand-Prix of the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award, 2016.

>Pop-mechanical performance «Medea. Material» is a technogenic amalgam of theatre, performing art, concert of contemporary academic music and mechanical ballet for sixteen models, six musicians, four screens, three cameras and two voices. Based on the texts of Heiner Muller’s «MEDEAMATERIAL» and «AZ I Ya» by legendary Kazakh writer Olzhas Suleimenov.


>The very first staging of Muller’s text in Kazakhstan is a landscape musical theatre, where music, machinery, human body, scenography, costumes and texts are in equal relationships and similar in the level of presence. And in this new technological and sterile world, where the hierarchy of things is absolutely absent, and consciousness has acknowledged its fragmentation, - where is a place for human and what is to be considered the crown of creation? What are the criteria to judge human’s, women’s beauty? What if the world just stuck on the shore of new life and the transition will never be accomplished, ritual will not finish, rebirth will not take place?