The week of Heiner Goebbels is a project of ORTA and Goethe-Institute Kazakhstan. It took place in March, 2018, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and featured showing videos of the performances of the acclaimed director and composer, as well as Heiner Goebbels' lecture and presentation of the Russian edition of his book "Aesthetics of absence".


>Heiner Goebbels, theatre director: "I am not the owner of the truth and I don't want to be one" Internet-based magazine Vlast, 23.03.2018


>Heiner Goebbels will give lecture about theatre and art in Almaty  Dmitrii Mazorenko, Internet-based magazine Vlast, 03.03.2018

>Heiner Goebbels, theatre director: "I don't watch theatre". Internet-based magazine Vlast, , 01.03.2018