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 ORTA is the first ever and only interdisciplinary art-and-science company from Kazakhstan. It consists of director, actress, visual artist, philosopher, social studies researcher, cinematographer and curator, who believe they have revealed the secret Method to nurturing one’s Inner Genius and giving everyone on this planet a chance to become a genius. After several years of research and successful implementation of the Method on the local scale, the group decided to go worldwide. 

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 ORTA has studied the texts of the last outstanding Russian avant-garde artist Sergei Kalmykov (1891-1967), in which they discovered the knowledge of the Fourth Dimension – a dimension of a higher order in relation to our third dimension. It is the dimension of the higher world of things and phenomena, the source of freedom, energy, peace and the real field where everything that exists is happening.


 Each person has a connection with the Fourth Dimension – this connection can be represented as a sprout rooted in the Fourth Dimension and springing in a person.


We call it Inner Genius.


There is a special technique with which you can interact with the Fourth Dimension and cultivate Inner Genius.


This technique is called New Genius Theory and exists on the borders of art, science, philosophy and humanities.


Using the practice of New Genius, one can also open the Portals that shed light of the Fourth dimension in ours.


This is the ultimate mission of ORTA is to open the Portals to the Fourth Dimension.

More information on the NEW GENIUS WORLD PROJECT - coming soon